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Paper Typography 2: Yulia Brodskaya

Regular visitors to Type Worship may have seen previous posts about paper graphics or ‘quilling’: the time consuming art of glueing curled paper ribbons together to create images and text. Yulia Brodskaya has truly mastered the craft over several years since settling in the UK from Russia to study her MA in 2004.

She has completed some stunning commissions for clients from all over the world. She has said about her work, most of which explores colourful typography: ”Typography is my second love, after paper, and I’m really happy that I’ve found a way of combining the two.” (Interview in Computer Arts from last year).

(Source: artyulia.com)

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Upstanding Lettering

Yulia Brodskaya is well-known for her paper graphics or ‘quilling’ (rolled paper glued on it’s edge). The ‘O’above was created for Oprah’s magazine which also featured an article about Yulia and her work.

She revealled that since she’d designed the cover of a holiday supplement for The Guardian newspaper (UK) in 2008, she’s “never been out of work since”. She also said that she’d like to do more “live” pieces where people can see the work itself, not just photos of it. This seems to have happened this year when she created a huge installation in Shanghai.

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